Star Wars Legion Rebel Troopers

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Star Wars Legion Rebel Troopers

Since Christmas I’ve had the Star Wars Legion core set from Fantasy Flight sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Mainly because of other projects that was already underway, such as Blood & Plunder miniatures and terrain pieces. But Valentines day my wife brought home 3 expansion boxes she had found at a local gaming store. She also commented that several at the store was going to play Star Wars Legion the next evening. We went to get a taste of the game, and while I was already interested my wife sound it exciting as well. So, the next day I started painting the rebel faction from the core set for her to play.

The first unit of rebels were painted Sorastro style” and the second unit in a red-brown leather color scheme.

Base colors were applied followed by a wash and finished with highlights, mixing the highlight colors into the base colors in several steps. Unless otherwise noted, paints are Vallejo Model Color.

The bases were done with Vallejo Earth Texture, base coated with Beige Brown and dry brushed with Iraqi Sand. Details were added with Stone Gray.

The Unaligned (Pirates) Starter Set

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Brethren of the Coast pirate force for Blood & Plunder

The Unaligned Nationality Starter Set from Firelock Games’ Blood & Plunder game is painted and ready to go, and with that comes the fun of figuring out how to build a starter force. Before we do that, lets look at the models that came in the starter set because, following the unintended negative feedback on the packaging of the miniatures, they paint up very nicely.

Setting sails for Blood & Plunder

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Blood & Plunder loot!

This is a little late to the game, as Blood & Plunder from Firelock Games was on almost 3 years ago. But we finally started. Better late than never! We did consider getting involved in the Kickstarter, there were as usually many enticing stretch goals. However, the timing was bad as we had built but a nice backlog of bolt action miniatures that needed painting couple with the price and the idea of metal miniatures kept us from buying in back then.

This fall though we took the plunge, when we noticed they had introduced a cheaper two player bundle. After some deliberations, nationally we decided to go for the more expensive and expansive nationally bundles – pirates and Spanish starters.

Dungeon In A Box, Unboxing [Feb]

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Dungeon-in-a-Box was originally on Kickstarter back in November of 2017, but because it sourced the components for the box, it didn’t meet Kickstarters original content requirements. It was taken down and sold through the creators’ website, Dungeon In A Box.

Dungeon-in-a-Box is a subscription-based Dungeons and Dragons 5e adventure that mails subscribers a new episode every month (in a box - hence the moniker). Their current subscription plans are offered in 1, 3, 6, or 12 month packages, ranging in price from $22.50 to $26 per month. It should be noted that shipping is an additional monthly charge, for all plans. The website has a ‘calculate shipping’ option at checkout; for us it was $7.20/box for US delivery. At the time of their first box, the product is not available for international DnD adventurers.

We committed to the annual plan. Those that had signed up for the original kickstarter received a 5% discount. The reason we signed up was because, in addition to an annual story line, it comes with multiple add-ons including miniatures, maps, and artifacts.