SPQR: Caesar's Legions – Legionaries

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SPQR: Caesar's Legions – Legionaries

While the sprues of legionaries are a little dated, they look ok. The only major flaw is that the sword and scabbard is molded onto every body, so the sword wielding miniatures end up with two weapons.

The colors are as follows, unless otherwise noted all paints are Vallejo model color and shades are Army Painters Quickshades.

Base ColorsDetails
Armor & Weapon Steel Chainshirt and weapons
Helmet Copper
Pale Burnt Metal
Mixed in a 3:2:1 ration and basecoated bronze areas
  Sepia Wash Shaded bronze and re-highlighted with basecolor
Skin Guilliman Flesh
Darkoath Flesh
Fyreslayer Flesh
individually used as skin color for a variation. Guilliman Flesh highlighted with Basic Skintone. Darkoath Flesh highlighted with Flat Flesh. Fyreslayer Flesh highlighted with Medium Flesh
Shirt Pale Sand Basecoat and shaded with diluted Soft Tone. Again used as a first highlight
  Ivory Mixed into the base color and applied as a second highlight
Leather Leather Brown Basecoat
  Flat Earth stippled on and applied to edges
  Dark Sand Edge highlight. Shaded with diluted Smoke
Sandals Mahogany Brown Basecoat. Shaded with diluted Smoke. highlights come naturally when dry brushing the base with Dark Sand
Shield Refractive Green Airbrushed on the darker part of the shield
  Flat Green Airbrushed on the lighter part of the shield, making a gentle gradient
Wood Wyldwood Contrast Paint Basecoat
Plume Black Templar Contrast Paint Basecoat
  Neutral Grey drybrushed in highlights
Base Burnt Umber Basecoat
  Yellow Ocher Drybrushing
  Dark Sand Drybrushing
  Beige Brown Painted the rim Beige Brown

Until next time, adventure on! Koliada

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