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Bolt Action: Band of Brothers

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Bolt Action: Band of Brothers starter set

I purchased the Bolt action Band of brothers starter set by Warlord Games back in the fall of 2017. True to form, having more than one project going, the Germans did not get finished until early 2018 and then the American Airborne got built, but I only painted a few. At the start of the new year I wanted to finish them all.

Darth Vader: A Study in Black

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Star Wars Legion: Darth Vader with Stormtroppers

When I thought about painting the Imperial units, I feared Vader. It wasn’t the way childhood me feared him (his telekinesis, lightsaber expertise, or force choke), but the fact that I had to paint him black. Aside from the Emperor, he’s the first fully black model I would be painting and there are quite a few shades of black across his different uniform materials (cloth, leather, plastic, metal). With the emperor, I didn’t think that my blacks were well varied, so I wanted to do that better this time. At the same time, I wanted to be true to film and avoid over-highlighting the miniature to prevent a cartoony feel that can occur when painting and highlighting black.

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