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Bolt Action: Band of Brothers

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Bolt Action: Band of Brothers starter set

I purchased the Bolt action Band of brothers starter set by Warlord Games back in the fall of 2017. True to form, having more than one project going, the Germans did not get finished until early 2018 and then the American Airborne got built, but I only painted a few. At the start of the new year I wanted to finish them all.

Emperor Palpatine: The Pallid Face of Evil

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Star Wars Legion: Emperor Palpatine with Stormtroppers

Now that I have finally finished painting my wife’s Rebel figures, it is time to start on the Imperial forces -- a lesson in blacks, whites, and chiaroscuro. What better figure to start with than the pallid face of evil itself, the Emperor. While painting this principally monotone model, I set the following goals:

  • I want him to stand out when compared with Vader, which meant he couldn’t be black-black
  • I want his robe dark enough to contrast well with his pale skin, and
  • I want a true black inner robe
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